Show versus Share


Sometimes presentations are more infomercial than educational. Some are more show off or putting on a show versus sharing information. Most seminars and conferences are showcases versus education spotlights because of the hidden agenda. It’s tough to be on stage as many eyes and ears are saying in their minds, why should I listen to this person? Some hope to be on stage, while some are hoping to network right after the presentation is done. Landon Evan’s presentation is getting rave reviews because he shared what he does, versus lectured on what should be done. His presentation can be found here and I strongly suggest strength and conditioning professionals as well as coaches and therapists involved with track and field see a glimpse of honesty and effort. I have never met Landon but hope to see him presenting at the BSMPG next year so we can get insight of the realties of NCAA environments.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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