Wilted Rose- Was it Predicted?


Well, it is. Everything is connected, and when Rose hurt his toe, it affected his hip, which affected his knee. And he never had the time, in this compressed season, to condition himself the way he had previously — the way he would have this season.

-Michael Wilbon

It’s interesting to hear what people are saying after the Derrick Rose ACL tear. I heard the prediction in January of a knee injury based on the turf toe issue and some video analysis. I didn’t know about mechanisms of the ACL as much as soft tissue injuries, but his groin and back issues had clear medical research to show the relationships between foot and spine/hip. A very good review of the situation can be found here with Michael Wilbon’s article on the injury. As things get more and more passive with sensors and analytics, more support and interventions are going to be possible.

With a compressed schedule and less preparation time, this has plagued the NBA this year with major injuries to top stars. Some of the injuries and fatigue monitoring strategies will be a key feature a the BSMPG this year, and I suggest each team in any sport send a professional to attend.

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