Mero and Tidow- EMG and Reality


The activity of the GM stops in the middle of the support phase, at approximately the same time as the termination of VM activity. However, the way the GM works can only be understood in connection with the activity of the AM.

– Klaus Wiemann and Günter Tidow

Many athletes hope a supplement added to a diet will add performance. The same thing is often though of in a weight training program. This exercise will do magic. I can feel this exercise working! When someone says they can feel their hamstrings work better during .08 touch downs or if their glutes are more activated from a bridge it’s likely just fatigue or a little byproduct lingering. So what to believe? This coach says general, this expert says specific, this research says it depends. The truth? Most likely a little of everything but history shows that the last four years Jamaica is not running fast because of the weight room exercises and Kenya is not producing freaks because of the MegaWave XF system. While it may bruise the ego not to see a pet exercise make an impact on the world scene, throwing away any option is not a healthy response either.

Without repeating myself or getting on unnecessary soapboxes, it seems we have seen an influx of exercise enthusiasts but without data on how this is transferring, so one could write off equipment or exercises. I suggest reading TSCM’s post on what is going on with biomechanics and start looking at his review of the research. Holistic approaches always trump the one hit wonders, and time has shown that the magic exercise, equipment invention, or super workout is not creating any monsters.

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Carl Valle

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