Mike Boyle on Plyometrics- Mastering the Basics


I think most people should think about Mike Boyle’s videos on plyometrics more now than years ago. Functional Strength Coach 4 may be released, but perhaps strength should be replaced with jumps as his emphasis on basics and safety actually fits best in my opinion with his information on plyos. His progressions are wonderfully conservative and simple, instead of the bro showdowns I see with box jumps and hurdle hops that look like appetizers for ACL and achilles repairs. After Mike Boyle’s introductory DVD I would start looking at the Kenta Bell article on Speed Endurance and of course all of the work from Boo and Dan Pfaff. The key is having a fundamental understanding of jumping before we get into other modalities such as throws and olympic lifts.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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