Stretching before explosive exercise- Limits of a second warm-up


The novel finding from this study demonstrates a second exercise bout does not reverse the effects of static stretching and is still detrimental to VJ.

-Eur J Appl Physiol (2009) 105:175-183

Many coaches advocate warming up more after static stretching because they fear loosing power and activation since the research does hint to the possibility. Conservatively I do put some light static and PNF work in before sprinting as the time series in workouts usually doesn’t cause problems. I think over time athletes will become use to the sequence that isn’t ideal and adapt, meaning chronically warming up wrong will eventually work physiologically. The same can be said for foam rolling and mobility, only if enough time and movement is included before explosive exercise. A good sign of a great program is how the athlete feels before the workout begins, and I think we should pursue that ideal.
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