Mood and Team Chemistry- Beyond the Locker Room?


Often team chemistry is talked about in talk radio, especially in loosing teams. I believe this is an area that is highly related to internal chemistry of the body, as well as personalities and wins and losses. During heavy training periods sometimes teams can rebel or even the dreaded mutiny occurs, but this is not just negative athletes but the actual brain and body chemistry of the athletes. One of the things I wish I do a better job with is monitoring the person more, as it’s not an exact science nor should it be. Still, basic things can be done beyond POMS and the psychologist’s coach, such as tracking mood in relation to training load. Often mood can be part of the solution to seeing what is going on with dopamine and endorphins, such as the graph above. A fall in testosterone usually means a loss of power, but also a lack of confidence, creating a nasty cascade of problems that need the coach to be more than a trainer.
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