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Running Mechanics are a key aspect of running performance. It seems like everyone pays close attention to correct mechanics up to the 400 meters and then it is as if it does not matter anymore, when in fact it actually could be as important. Good sound running mechanics can go a long way toward preventing injuries, optimizing stride length and stride rate for more efficient utilization of energy stores. Improving running mechanics involves specific strengthening of the involved muscles, the postural muscles as well as the legs. Technique practice in the form of specifically prescribed drills should be part of daily training. Constant awareness of good running mechanics must be stressed during each run.

What does good running mechanics consist of? It consists of good posture, which is erect carriage of the trunk. Then good arm action. The arm carriage should be low so as not to cause undue fatigue, the shorter the race the greater the amplitude of the arm action. The leg action should be short and controlled. High knee lift and excessively long strides are not rewarded. Efficiency is the end result of good distribution of effort and sound running mechanics.
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