Precision Nutrition, Sleep, and Testosterone Levels


This reduced ratio of GH to cortisol secretion during early sleep possibly hints to a reduced anabolic function during sleep after intense exhausting exercise.

-Dr. Kern et al, 1995

A few coaches ask why I think Precision Nutrition has some good things to offer and I simply state I like that they have a system and focus on the behavioral changes with Nutrition Coaching. Nutrition should not be just counseling, as coaching is a better concept . I find that Bodyrecomposition and Alan Aragon’s Research Review provide excellent information and content. One of the Precision Nutrition newsletters included another Dr. Detective article on Testosterone levels and included some interesting blood analysis. While I am not saying that what was written should be considered gospel, the use of blood analysis is going to increase as it becomes more and more sophisticated and consumer friendly.

Testosterone levels is a good biomarker to screen out problems, but keep in mind free testosterone and SBHG with Albumin tell a more complete story, only when your testosterone levels are a acceptable range. I have seen world class athletes with normal testosterone levels and have seen impressive scores by sedentary men, but low Testosterone is a red flag for problems with performance. Coaches should think about restoring testosterone levels, not raising them. Also one needs to understand Testosterone need a backbone of health, as everyone loves performance biomarkers but neglects basics such as fasting glucose and core biomarkers such as Zinc, Ferritin, and Vitamin D.

Sleep is beyond checking in once a week. I have been using the prototype NyxShirt and Zeo headband as I am interested in seeing how smart fabrics can see how I sleep, beyond architecture (sleep stages). Athletes may not need to monitor every evening, but I think all athletes should do a pilot study of 30 days to get an idea of what is going on with their bodies. Does a hormonal relationship exists with sleep? I think more than just a light interaction. We all know sleep is important, like diet, but coaching sleep can’t be just having a curfew the night before big games or a team meal together the eve of conference. As sensors become more and more micronized and wireless, we will see better relationships.
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