Cortisol Slopes and Density Training


Thanks to the new cortisol and lactate analyzers a weightlifting club is going to do a microcycle experiment on HRV and the recovery rate with saliva cortisol and blood lactate in my area. I was enamored with some of the circuit workouts of athletes seen down south as it looked like their warm-ups were other people’s workouts. Little did I know that it takes years to handle density work, and I know don’t’ do any until year 2 or 3. Circuits and General Strength was getting a lot of love but I think it’s best to see what it actually does. Work capacity does transfer to recovery rates and teams that compete frequently like the NHL and NBA (especially for the short season) can’t wait 72 hours to train again. The key is no monitoring to see when you can train again but actually trying to change the parameters.
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