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It seems that each year I see more people attempting to do more during training. With a finite amount of time we have a difficult choice of addressing a lot during the limited time we have, but spreading things out too thin leaves us doing everything diluted. Cleaning up movement, breathing education, therapeutic stretching, tissue work, activation, motor skill acquisition, and posture work leaves us very little time for meat and potatoes. If one trains athletes 3 times a week for an hour, you don’t have three sessions you have 180 minute to address everything, including strength and speed and sometimes conditioning if it’s during the offseason. One coach during a presentation was sharing how they fixed one’s rib cage and dramatically changed breathing patterns with before an after photos during one european seminar. An eastern european coach asked with a strong accent why did you decide to get fat pointing at the obvious change in body composition. Coaches have a lot of balls to juggle and the basics are not as exciting as fixing the exotic things like bite position or vision education. Without the engine the cruise control can only do so much.
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