Hurdle Technique Drilled Down


I have been talking to a bunch of coaches (mainly coach Hegland) trying to figure out the true facts of elite hurdlers and basic stats such as take off distances from the hurdle and total flight distances of elites. The data is murky as some previous numbers are not transparent of what meetings were used, and how and who collected those numbers. What I do know is we need better information of why athletes are faster because some performance indices are not descriptive of both context and how modifiable they are from coaching and training. Most general qualities such as ground contact time are not comparable to 100m data because those abilities are more neurological. With the Milan Coh research as well as the IAAF analysis shedding some insight, my belief is that hurdling is very cultural and anatomical in nature. Some of the Air Times from Oliver are incredible, but I would be interested to see the ground contact times of the three steps between as well as the fluctuating velocities of each step as well.
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