The Law of the Farm


Farmers plow and till their fields to keep the soil’s microorganisms active, as well as fertilizing it to keep the growth of their crops complete.

I still have the article from 2005 that I never finished, and I never needed to complete it since Mike Boyle wrote his similar conclusions of training being analogous to farming. I learned that I wasn’t patient about 30 years ago when I tried to grow a pumpkin and in the first few days kept coming back expecting radical change. While I wasn’t old enough to perhaps be successful growing it, was old enough to know it wasn’t going to be overnight. Pumpkins take months go grow and eventually I ignored watering the plant. During the summer I saw it shriveled up from the sun and learned the hard way about being patient. No matter what training you believe in, the universal principles of Mike Boyle’s Training is like Farming article is a worthwhile read for athletes so the appreciate time.
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