BDNF and Sprinting- Sleep and General Strength?


In summary, this study suggests a direct link between the synaptic plasticity triggered by waking activities and the homeostatic sleep response and identifies BDNF as a major mediator of this link at the molecular level.

-Department of Psychiatry, University of Wisconsin

General Strength circuits are good options, but after talking to a few coaches yesterday it seems that sleep coaching is the next big thing. My concern is what are we really training with all of the options we have access to. Looking at all of the options in the training inventory I have been pruning a lot of what I considered borderline options. If you can’t measure what you are doing, one should reconsider why you are doing it. I was talking to one coach yesterday that talked about a balance between seeing the forrest and drilling down to the molecular level of what we are doing. It’s easy to toss sport science away because coaches tend to overstate their importance, but I am know investigating some popular options.

Circuit Training- What is happening biochemically with circuits. All of this Growth Hormone and other endocrine functions are talked about but are we seeing the evidence?

Speed Endurance and Tempo lactate- Lactate isn’t the holy grail for biomarkers but it does add some information besides time and distance as perceived exertion is subjective. What workouts do what?

Breathing Training- How well is it working with the best therapists in the world and athletes? I am working with a top specialist to see if we are making an impact here. I mentioned this in 2003 because I saw some benefits with swimmers and triathletes but regular athletes on land is different.

Vison and Brain Training- Are life sized video games working? The brain is far more gray with testing and it seems that we are getting into areas that have yet to see a big impact because no team is getting a clear advantage here.

My first test is going to be looking at the 6 x 250m with a lactate meter. Let’s see how it goes next month.

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