A Silent Revolution- Open Source and Sports


A large disruption to sports analytics is going to be OpenSDH from Sports Data Hub, and teams that are not prepared are going to be in trouble or a step ahead. A lot of powerful closed systems are available form the UK to analyze sports such as Apollo, Fusion Sport, Edge10, and that model is going to evolve in order to survive the storm. Kinetic Athlete in Australia seems to be adopting the changes and will they make the leap into the US market? In the US, the college market is perhaps the most coveted because of the money and vast size of teams available to take advantage of all three sectors of sport (medical, performance, strategy). The question is what does this mean for Track and Field coaches and strength professionals? What systems such as the FMS and PCA will be affected? What teams will emerge as leaders?

I have made some bold predictions in the past and was either right on target or too early. This case I am cherry picking things a bit because it’s already happening. Here are three bold predictions:

Open Source Screening- With various blogs talking about it doesn’t matter what screens you use just screen, this direction is going to change the screening process. The attached photo to this blog entry is one decision tree freely available based on PT testing.

Crowd Sourced Training- Groups of individuals will share protocols that make specific and measurable changes. Did the GS circuit really help with the biochemistry of the team or did it just lower the volume of the high intensity units? Research is not the problem it’s just that the lab is always too far away (figuratively and literally) from the field. The lab is now fusing into sports training with pioneers.

Equipment API- Smartfabrics, load sensors, and motion capture equipment will now feed directly into the platform allowing coaches to coach. Instead of being a stage hand and messing around with wires and equipment, ANT + and other area networks will allow athletes to be constantly streaming data to the platform. Nike, Adidas, and Reebok will likely be putting more money to get buyers their data.

The changes have already started and soon coaches will be lifted of the technology and equipment burden to get us back to teaching and training.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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