Sparta sport: Moneybell and Medicalball in Action


As the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference looms closer, it looks like Sparta Science is the future of sports training. Combining coaching, technology, and sport science, Dr. Wagner looks to be on the forefront of sports performance. Everyone is going crazy over Jeremy Lin, as he is a classic example of the little guy making it big. When I saw him play at Harvard I thought he would be drafted, but he seemed to be like Kurt Warner not having a big chance to make it. I don’t know how much his training made an impact, but I do know the guy had some real metrics of at least getting some general qualities higher. He was able to improve speed, body composition, and his leg power while training over at Menlo Park.

I first found out about Dr. Wagner while shopping around for some equipment and I was very impressed with his facility. The combination of force plates, flat screen monitors, and old fashioned coaching seem ahead of the curve. I was also very impressed how he was quantified things and looked at the physics instead of the esoteric physiology. A great video of Dr. Wagner can be found here and I highly recommend his blog as it’s very informative. Just so we are not just playing the word association game in the forum, this Friday I will post the FMS interview with Brett Jones and will do some interviews during my mini vacation.

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Carl Valle

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