Ides of March


I decided to take a break from taking a break from blogging to post a few thoughts about the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in March. As teams rush to handle the brave new world of big data, I predict that some disruptive innovations will occur, creating new concepts and hopefully new opportunities to improve sport. Some legal problems will evolve over intellectual property, software algorithms, and player privacy. Inexpensive solutions will be disruptive to outdated web 2.0 products because of the mobile market. How does this affect Track and Field as well as sports performance? I smell a renaissance with coaching and focusing on teaching as we become more and more dependent on devices.

Prediction is going to be the next big thing, as confirmation is often useless because it’s too late and often we don’t need to experience injury or loss to gain wisdom. Ryan Banta’s blog on prediction and database building was a classic example of how real record keeping makes use better coaches. We all have been there and our software is our training programs. What makes prediction possible is having a chance (being healthy) and having a plan (yearly periodization). Later next week I will be sending the FMS interview with Brett Jones to Mike so he can upload the pdf to the articles section. Some great things coming.

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Carl Valle

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