Restwise and OLED pulse oximeters


A few social media questions were asked about Restwise and of course people wanted to know if the pulse oximeters are worth the time and effort. My opinion with recovery monitoring it has to fit a specific rhythm of sampling. If it needs to be done daily it has to take less than a few minutes or it will not be sustainable. Some tests like blood analysis need to be done only as screening but can be done every 45 days. I personally think Restwise is nice, but the app Tapforms and a good set of questions is a far better option. For about 8 dollars and a free Dropbox account, athletes can spend 30 seconds and give you 12 data points to follow through the year from anywhere in the world. Since the export is in a format that can be read by excel, the information can be charted and analyzed by simple methods all the way to world class business intelligence software.

If one is using ithlete and Zeo, questions such as sleep, resting heart rate, and HRV are already objectively captured in the morning. I like asking 5-8 good questions with preloaded answers or rankings from 0-10. Body charts can be uploaded to the camera roll with PhotoPen and those shots can be used to show areas that are problematic. Granularity of tightness or soreness is nice but those are for really compliant athletes. The lesson learned is simple and consistent solutions trump the glory, but marketing a small and free log book isn’t going to get people excited.

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Carl Valle

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