Scoring the Transfer of Mobility and Posture


The Boston Red Sox Head Trainer had some nice videos of mobility exercises for the thoracic area, and it made me think what is the best and most effective ways to ensure mobility and posture of the upper back. Shon Grosse did a wonderful case study showing the changes he produce with great documentation. So how do we measure the dose response of all the funky exercises compared to the basics of good posture during lifts and working ranges of motion such smart warm-ups?

Paradoxically I am seeing the best scores from olympic lifters and throwers in track and field with objective testing from Zebris equipment. Perhaps subra maximal power helps create supra maximal posture? Since posture is chronic and acute anti-gravity, shouldn’t we focus on supra anti-gravity training? How many olympic lifters do we see looking like Mr. Burns? Maybe just tossing some of the corrective exercises and replace the training with meat and potatoes is a better option.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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