Functional Movement Systems: Directors Cut with Brett Jones


The FMS has taken the Sports Performance and Sports Medicine world by storm, as it provides a quick and practical way of screening athletes. I have been an open and honest critic of the limits of the FMS and I think some of the changes will really advance the system down the road. With new sensors and affordable technologies the FMS is finally ready for some small but key changes. Brett Jones from the FMS was kind enough to allow 7 good questions regarding the FMS. I am excited to hear what he has to say about Gait Analysis and other aspects of objective analysis. If the changes I anticipate are made with the process with the fusion of some technology and inclusion of other tests, screening will fit best practices. My belief is the process will be the same, but the advancement will come from the business intelligence methods we are seeing with high level sport in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Stay tuned.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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Carl Valle

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