Thoughts on the Power Band Bracelets and Phiten Necklaces


Inigo Mujika posted about the Power Band Bracelets a few months ago and I left it alone, but now this is getting out of hand. Most will laugh off the gimmicks and say what is the big deal. The real issue is not that the power band bracelets are bogus or that the Phiten Necklaces didn’t’ help the Red Sox in September, it’s that we have problems even in our profession We all have been fooled by research, a great coach with some advice that didn’t work, or even our own training not creating the effects we thought. I am not going to point fingers to people that believe in this stuff as I have found out that certain things I was doing didn’t transfer or have the impact I thought it would. Still, we need to be the bad guy and be honest about this stuff or another DB Hammer will come along promising the moon. It’s easy to look the other way, but not doing so is just making the problem worse.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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