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Enclosed is a sample week of training from a youngster who eventually went on to break the national high school record in the 5000meters just before entering college. Even though I did not coach her the summer before her freshman year in college I did have the pleasure of coaching her as a junior in high school. Her junior track season was a good one! She set personal bests at that point in her career in the 800, 1600, and 3200. She also broke state records in the 3200 and as a member of the 4×800 relay. The sample week provided below was week 6 in our training and track meets just began. The annual plan was written before the season started and slight adjustments were made to the microcycles. The only major adjustment this week was the days difficult workouts were done and race choice based on her progress. Hopefully you find this interesting and maybe even helpful. Merry Christmas!

Mon, 6-Apr-2009 @

Ladue Lightning Warm

1x10x Head Rotations (forward, back, side,


2x10x Arm Rotations (circles, front and back)

1x10x Upper Baody Rotations

2x10x Hip Circles Each Direction

2x10x Knee Circles

2x10x Ankle Circles

2x10x Toe Touches

1x1x400 Warm Up Jog

4x1x50 50 m up, up, and away

4x1x50 50m low skips

4x1x50 50 build up

4x1x50 Walk

This is all done IN A ROW

2x10x Leg Swing Cross Body

2x10x Leg Swing the side

2x10x Iron Cross

2x10x Scorpion Kicks

2x10x Sledge Hammer

2x10x Roll Reach

9×1000 3:31 with two minutes rest inbetween

1x1x1600 Mile at E pace

Tue, 7-Apr-2009 @

1x2x1600 Mile at E pace

Banta Drills Nirvana 1

2×40 High Knees to Step over Butt Kick minisprint

2×20 A skip B skip Complex

2×20 Zombie runs (arms to side run w/tightskirt

2×20 Up out and Through

2×20 Striaght Leg Bound

2×20 Striaght Leg Bound Single Quick Leg

2×20 Quick Leg Single, Quick Leg Double, to every other

2×40 Fast Feet to A RUN

1×6800 25mins at Lactace Threshold Pace 5:48avg

6×200 34 at about R pace

Wed, 8-Apr-2009 @

Ladue Lightning Warm SAME AS PREVIOUS DAY

Banta Drills Nirvana 1 SAME AS PREVIOUS DAY

1×10272 45 min areobic threshold at 6:45 to 7:15 avg mile

6×100 Progressions off the curve to home


Thu, 9-Apr-2009 @

Parkway Quad

1×800 Compete: 800m

Fri, 10-Apr-2009 @

GOOD Friday Active Recovery

1x2x1600 Mile at E pace

Banta Drills Nirvana 1 SAME AS PREVIOUS DAY

Hurdle Mobility

3×8 Hurdle Walk-Overs, 3×8 Hurdle Bent Leg – side of hurdle, 3×8 Hurdle Over-Unders Hurdle Mobility II 3×8 Hurdle Bent Leg – middle of hurdle, 3×8 Hurdle Over-Unders, 3×16 Hurdle In-Place Dual Trail legs, 3×10 Crocodile Walk with pause

40mins out in 27 and back in 23

Sat, 11-Apr-2009 @

8×1600 Long Run at Long Run Pace 6:45 to 7: 45 per mile

Sun, 12-Apr-2009 @

Swim for 45 minutes and watch Video of 800

TrainingDesign™ 1999

GENERAL Strength Training Distance 2009 Phase 1Each activity is done starting for 20 seconds and eventually moves up to 45 seconds as year progresses. Each set recovery should be no more then 30 seconds and can be reduced down to 15 seconds as the year goes on. However, recovery should be expanded again as year reaches peak. No more then two sets of each activity as we want to keep the workout quality and up tempo. A feeling of haste should exist. This keeps heart rate up to improve aerobic fitness and the strength work for increased work capacity.

Mountain Climbers,Single Leg Alphabet Spellers 2xeach leg, Jitter Bugs (4 directions), Single Leg Balance Standing quick leg each leg, Medicine Ball side to side and toss each side, Balance Ball Back extensions with feet on the wall, Sanya Richards Balance Bell Knee Drives, Balance Ball Hamstring Roll Under, Were not Worthies , Cry Babies, Single Leg Squats, Quick Wall Hops, 25 meter Walking Quick Knee Lunges, Seated Arm Runs (Hammer the nails in the Wall) thumbs up, Partner Full Sit Ups with side Top Twist, Buddy Push Ups, Quick Crunches, and Dips off two benches

Ryan Banta

Ryan Banta

Ryan is a successful high school coach. His athletes have achieved 76 school records, 2 top four finishes at the state championships, 3 district championships, 107 state semi-finalist (sectionals), 63 state qualifiers, 2 state records (3200 and 4x800), 14 national ranked events, 34 all state performances, 8 state champions, 7 runner up performances, and 2 Gatorade athletes of the year. Ryan is a USATF level II coach in the sprints, hurdles, relays, and endurance and recently earned a USTFCCCA track and field technical coaching certification.
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