HRV- Filtering the Truth


HRV is gaining some momentum but what does it really tell us? I find it interesting that organizations spent thousands to see a three color traffic light? At least get us an arrow or flashing yellow! The truth is that Heart Rate Variability tells us that we most likely should go hard, medium, or easy. Most interventions are not adjusting the extra set of triceps work so lets get real here, HRV is an estimation of stress, and doesn’t really give us a clear indication of what to do. Was it the sleep? Was it the fight with the parents about pursuing the olympic dream this year instead of working a normal job? Was it the flu from a dirty restroom and not the workout? The best perspective for HRV is a wide angle lens, not a microscope. Other technologies exist such as brain waves, EMG, TMG, and even blood work. General perspective is best, not using it as a crystal ball.

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