Achilles Heel- Lower Extremity Injuries


Jermaine’s injury was not shocking as he has been struggling with the problem for weeks. Who is responsible? Time after time injuries like this are highly gait related, and no GPS kit or parasympathetic balance is going to solve the problem. I had an athlete that had some irritation and foot mechanics issues after the olympics and using expertise and progressive rehab must be done immediately, focusing on gait mechanics. The NFL lockout create havoc with achilles problems, namely ruptures, and the question is what is going to happen with the NBA? Will we see similar problems? What about the schedule changes? Will that be an issue? I am not sure what is going to happen, but I do expect some stress fractures and other foot related problems that will surface this year. The feet are the first things that touch the ground and the laws of physics clearly explain that foot strike needs to be healthy or bad things will move up the food chain.
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