Nelli Cooman and Reality Checks


I wanted to so post more about Henk because it seems that his influence is felt but the connections are not there. He is a maverick, but more importantly he is clear educator of what is true with both coaching and sport science. Why the conflict? Those that don’t know the sport science refute the truth, the lab coats seem to be unable to wield (sport science) it in the real world. Do both without loosing energy. My reality check is does the stuff work and what is the impact of all of this stuff we see. Don’t blame the internet as snake oil was first sold on horse wagons. For all of Henk’s critics, the guy did produce a world record holder who trained in shopping mall. Something to think about.

Those wanting a copy of his Video from Sundsvall I have a few copies and PM. All profits fund the seminar for next year.
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