Sprinter Shrink?


We all get it, the brain is the target organ. Like Mike Nelson says though, where is the data? How well are we targeting the brain? What are the results of sport psychology and stress management? The reason I am a huge fan of Henk Kraaijenhof is that he has evidence, not only in the results but the way he created the results. His understanding of sport science and the realities of working with athletes and getting results is why I praise his work and get frustrated with the pretenders and posers. Show me the data. In a few weeks I will be starting my level III thesis on sprinting based on the data I recorded of events that work, not make conjectures after talking to someone at a coffee shop. Sport psychology is a bit of enigma, but we are getting there with new technologies and classical approaches. I will share what some national teams are doing that may provide some good support for coaches later.
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