X-Mas Top Picks- Xtreme Formulations


At the end of the day, Cytofuse and Ultrapeptide are the best products for post workout and general protein needs. The flavors are the best in the industry, the protein quality is the highest, and value can’t be beat. Unlike some companies that replace their whey protein with brown rice powder to increase profits, XF has always kept honesty by accepting price increases of their ingredients without playing games. The Holiday sale is a great deal, and anyone from elitetrack.com that buys a bulk order I will toss in some great educational videos and some fantastic podcasts, some from legendary coaches. Companies like this are loyal to customers, and I suggest being loyal to Xtreme is a good direction. My favorite products is the chocolate peanut butter Ultrapeptide and Watermelon Cytofuse, two products that never quality and taste.
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Carl Valle

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