Bilateral Deficit and Potentiation?


In conclusion, a single set of 3RM squats was found effective in acutely enhancing CMJ height in an athletic population but more so when the recovery period was individualized for each athlete. The study results also suggest that the potentiating effects of squats may exhibit some degree of movement specificity, being greater for those exercises with similar movement patterns.


Back Squats are working for potentiation, and my question is what about single leg exercises? What if Ben did two single leg deadlifts an hour before his final in Seoul? 9.69? Ya right. Shouldn’t single leg exercises be producing freaks in the combine by both the training and potentiation effects? Sometimes specificity doesn’t have to mimic the biomechanics, but nervous system involvement. Sometimes mimicking training dilutes the overload, and more general options provide a better stimulus. The chart included shows some interesting relationships on exercise performance.
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