X-Mas Top Picks- DJay App for iPad


Let’s be honest, the key to a good weight room is sometimes good music and I find that the biggest problem is making it work for circuits or times that training get’s touch like bike routines in the winter for those in the north! I have used workout muse and other apps but sometimes a great fade or loop can turn a boring workout into a monster party. Intervals and transitions are time based, and I am now using the DJay app like crazy to synch with activity so that old play list come alive. Remixes and other methods like changing the tempo help with keeping the energy high. The DJay app is available on the iPhone, iPad , and Mac OS systems and brings a lot to the table for a small price. In the future I see more and more coaches taking advantage of the transition of music vs an annoying whistle. Currently I plan to take some old school Heavy D that we listen to during weights in the early 1990s and add a little special sauce with some current artists. Great Stuff!
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