X-Mas Top Picks- Compression Long Tights


One of the best commercial tights for recovery is the Skins Travel Recovery Compression Long Tight, and other similar products have not had the same feedback. The other systems are likely to be similar in recovery abilities as compression garments are not going to be radically different, but comfort is vital for athletes who travel a lot. My biggest complaint with athletes is the need to dress up like it’s a fashion show or some sort of social statement to hop into a plane and walk around a glorified shopping mall terminal looking great but feeling like garbage. My suggestion is wear activewear track suits and the recovery tights underneath. When a flight is missed and you need to get to nationals because of snow delays, your story is more plausible with your costume. I believe that after a meet place the skins on instead of pajamas and wear them the next day while traveling, it has made an impact with those that have used them.
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