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How do you set goals? I am not sure the best way, but I like testing where you are and see the history of improvement year to year. My program on average improves a new athlete 3.2 percent, and improvement decays at about 2/3s of the previous year until the genetic ceiling hits about 5-6 years later. Sometimes I have had athlete improve 5% or actually get slower if they have a poor training history or come injured. Lately I am seeing 2 percent improvements as athletes simply have less training backgrounds and seem to tolerate less and less while bringing more and more baggage injury wise. Some athletes have improved with just getting to a better training environment, some have gone to work with amazing coaches but lacked funding. The key is to see what environmental improvements, not just training smarter or more will enable improvements. Many times a good training group and better lifestyles can allow any program to work better.
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