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We are seeing a decrease of pain and illness with those using Zeo and ithlete, and it’s official the ithlete is available on Andrioid Phones. I expect a bunch of new users combining the most pragmatic scoring method of sleep data and waking HRV now that both can get done with very little time. Congrats to Josh Hurlebaus for his outstanding training log and should get his new system shortly. Many want to know the simple way of collecting data without interfering with the precious time the coaches have, and get the information shared properly. The natural pairing of HRV and ZEO sleep is the future, and here is the protocol of choice.

Use Zeo by maximizing the features of the Smartwake, sort of the antithesis of Bud Winter having pilots fall asleep at any time during WW2. Smartwake ensures that you get a great chance to start off feeling great and that naturally transitions to getting your morning HRV score. Their is no better combination as getting HRV data later is always going to have more variables that must be filtered as the data is dirty from outside variables. Those two scores, the ithlete number and color, as well as the Z Score is objective and very good markers of what is going on. Much of the data marks are biological breadcrumbs of a season, not a direction but a way to navigate where you need to go. I quantify load by % near maximum of PRs and by volume of work done, and those workouts are percentages from 25-98% I mark the workouts as speed, speed endurance, conditioning, recovery, and rest. Most relationships are based on 30 days of data, as long term relationships are stronger than the one magic workout.
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