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Few lessons here. People and ideas drive innovation and change and help athletes reaching new heights. Facilities and gadgets help and support people and ideas. Not the other way around. Likeminded people willing to park the ego at the door for bigger achievements than personal self promotion can do amazing things. Lessons from the past are good. Experience helps in framing the path to the future.

-Dr. Marco Cardinale

I wanted to thank all of the sport scientists that have helped myself and other coaches over the years. Many are working long hours and sharing insight of what is going on int he body objectively. Often science is attacked because it doesn’t agree with our opinions, and the age old statement science validates or explained what we did is getting really old. Since the modalities of crushing iron and running and jumping haven’t changed much since gravity and human evolution is what it was 50 years ago, where are the major changes and great ideas? Well coaches have creativity and experimentation, but without confirmation of testing or really good observation, the art has some scientific process into it. Art and Science are not polar opposites and both offer academic development.

Howard Gray had a great post of the value of Sport Science with his blog. I am a fan of Mike Stone because he is honest and direct with application. We need to embrace sport science by investing into the direct studies and books, and not rely on other people to filter it for us. Often when someone emails me I send back the entire study for them to make them see it for themselves, as we can’t let the cargo cult science interfere with real achievement. I don’t want to sound preachy or lecture on morals, but next month we will be doing some great sport science posts with downloads in either video or pdf form, in order to help coaching get on track.
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