2011 IWL World Championships


I am a casual fan of the sport of Weightlifting, as it’s a requirement, not a crime like it is with some strength and conditioning circles, to be explosive. Currently the World Championships are underway and I felt a quick post was necessary. It’s easy to attack cross-fit or John Broz from afar, but without people putting down the work on the platform everyday, a major modality erodes from the knowledge of coaches. The sport is pure, with very little interpretation of who won, or what happened. I know some current educational materials exist, but the best thing is to find a local facility that has a club and start watching or training. Most of the time the expenses are very inexpensive and the intentions of the coaches are rather pure at heart. Many people on the internet have listed accomplishments by what they are writing, I would rather listen to those that are re-writing the record books.
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