Red Sox – The Early Taper and Post Workout Nutrition


He did things that were away from his normal program, Page told the Herald. A lot of it, Josh is a routine-oriented guy. If he pitches well doing one thing for those four days leading up to that start, he’s probably going to do it again. It’s funny to say, but he’s got some superstitious tendencies that way. That’s not an abnormal thing in baseball.

– Dave Page. Ex-Red Sox Strength Coach

The Red Sox fired two staff members recently, making me wonder who is next and why they are making their personnel decisions. I am glad I am not in team sports as it’s a very difficult position. Yet, not training is a path that always ends ugly, usually when it counts the most. The CBA doesn’t force or fine players in baseball, so it’s up to the big boys to follow through and get the job done. The bigger issue is going to be lifestyle decisions that don’t seem to jive with current understandings of post workout nutrition and I suggest you read the ESPN article.
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