Stone Cold and Boyleling Over


I was not in Arizona but from the looks of this blog some serious debate was at the Meeting of the Minds. Mike Boyle and Mike Stone seemed to have opposing points of view. I agree with a lot of what both professionals share and the true conflict is the 15% (more or less) we do differently. Dr. Stone is a researcher and weightlifter, Mike Boyle is a Strength Coach here in the Massachusetts area. I still feel that good fair and professional debate is healthy, as it prevents cult fads and makes us critical thinkers. I don’t like the term like minded as it should be smart minded. Inbreeding is like minded and we need more interaction between sport science and coaching. So long as the debate is mature, this should be done more at conferences and seminars to stimulate and test ideas. Unfortunately the opposite is going on with marketing and pushing ideas, creating a modern dark age with sports performance.
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