Anti-Triple Extension- The Myth of Stride Length and Stride Angle


One fundamental flaw I see is that some performance gurus advocate being overly redundant in training with sport specific or loading specific methods. Too much specific or replication work causes a dilution in the adaptations by trying to do too much with one modality. Currently we are seeing an artificial isolation approach to training, similar to the body part method of bodybuilders that the experts attack as outdated, as a way to fix dysfunction. Looking at sprint mechanics people assume that the long stride visually means it’s a long stride measured physically. Not true, as it’s just the opposite. With Asafa Powell having great acceleration and top speed, his angles are less than slower athlete his size because he creates forces faster, thus increasing frequency and performance in both speed and stride length. Just train and not try to artificially tinker with the automatic functions of the body, it will develop faster and more naturally and save us from unnecessary cueing.
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