Regeneration Metrics Part 5- TMG and Local Fatigue


I am really liking the blog posts by Jose Fernandez, as he provides some thought provoking ideas, especially on Tensiomyography. As the Omegawave people start getting nervous with HRV starting to become more and more mobile and rapid, I predict that in 3 years the system will be obsolete. I am tracking blogs now to see who becomes a TMG expert 24 hours from now, as some people that have no awareness of elite work are often writing how they are experts on it. TMG is used with many professional soccer teams and is the future with site specific fatigue. I would use the ithlete system in conjunction with Zeo Mobile to get objective data on how the athletes are recovering, providing they behave. Like any measurement, make sure the training program is sound before we sniff around for magic numbers, as good science is in harmony with good coaching.
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