CNS, Sleep, and HRV


Sleep is often talked about and I see very little intervention strategies. The first step in getting better and dealing with challenges is to measure or score what is going on to see change. Start with the basics as it’s likely to be the strongest influence and impact, like duration of sleep and constant sleep and wake times. When you are consistent with sleep basics and you can sustain the routine of doing things daily (or nightly) then drill down to more metrics such as REM duration and amount of interruptions that cause you to wake-up. HRV is best done when you just wake (orthostatic) in the morning so coaches know as soon as possible what is going on instead right before you train. This allows for alternate options based on surprises or a lecture if the athlete is hanging around with the wrong crew. HRV and Sleep have many parallels and getting a mobile Zeo system as well as ithlete is the direction we need. Both systems are the future to athletic monitoring.
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