DVD Review : Boo Schexnayder – The Triple Jump – Technique and Teaching


I recently had the pleasure of watching Boo Schexnayder’s new DVD: The Triple Jump – Technique and Teaching. In short, it’s excellent and a must-have for your library.

As a young coach I often searched for a drill that would fix a certain problem that my jumper was having. Or I was searching for a drill that would teach a certain technical skill that was needed. This DVD goes beyond mere drills but is instead a complete conceptual and practical approach to understanding and teaching the triple jump.

I’ve had the good fortune of coaching the women to school records in the triple jump at each of the 6 colleges I have worked in the last 17 years. Some of it was talent on the part of the athlete, some of it was good coaching. At each school the distances have gotten better than the previous school. A lot of this is due to good mentorship by Dan Pfaff and Boo Schexnayder as well the coaching education systems that they’ve been a big part of. Many years of headaches have been avoided and poor coaching techniques have been eradicated because of advice given and techniques taught by them. While nothing beats experience, the philosophy put forth in this dvd is grounded in science and based on years of success.

Areas covered include various elements of the approach; the take-off, bounding skills, the hop, step, and jump phases; the landing; and crucial teaching progressions. These are all top-notch, however, one feature which stands out in this dvd is a section called Fixing The Second Phase. In this Boo goes into detail with video examples and flowchart analysis of various problems that are often encountered, and then offers various solutions and ideas on where to look depending on the nature of the problem. These types of problems and solutions have not been thoroughly presented in this way on an instructional dvd before.

What if you have Boo’s other Triple Jump dvds or have seen him speak before? I have them and have seen him speak over a dozen times. This dvd is still worth the investment. It’s more comprehensive and something that the author had complete control over. The people who have purchased this dvd on my recommendation have been very satisfied!You can watch snippets here:

The Hop Phase

Fixing the Second Phase
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