Macho Midsection?


I read the spinal engine every summer and finally had some time to think about what I do vs what I believe in. How much core do we want to do and how much do we need? Is the core training working and can we measure it. As certain athletes go under the knife this offseason while their coaches and therapist enlighten us on functional anatomy, where is the evidence of what is talked about working? I believe in about three dozen exercises, and use 2-3 trips of circuits 2 times a week with sprinters, about 10-20% for throwers. My reduction in core training is from observation and testing athletes who do general programs, not spending huge amounts of resources on isolated core training. Minimalism is best and the need for high volume is proven no longer necessary. Getting a physioball, akrowheels, a medicine ball, and a handful of exercises done well and you are all set.
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