Project 60m: Sport Science Case Studies


Congrats to Josh Hurlebaus, who and two other members won a sport science sponsorship. Over the last month I have been extremely busy with converting into a club environment and the administration nightmare was ridiculous. Many times I though, just go back to college or high school coaching and don’t worry about the burdens of running a club solo. My philosophy is that all athletes who put in the work should have access to the basic rights of financial, coaching, and emotional support. The USA is very extreme, meaning you either go pro right out of college or stay in limbo for 5 years working a job eventually quitting the sport. So I have decided that I had enough of the wrong athletes getting changes and blowing it, while great athletes are not getting fair chances in sport. Some of the athletes are national level, while some of the case studies are medalists getting tested. Stay tuned.
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