Theory Drives History, History Confirms Theory


I love innovation, but without action it’s just a nice idea. Yesterday I read a thread of a coach making some very exciting discoveries, and when video was requested, crickets chirped. One has to actually do it or do it over and over again for me to buy in. After the idea is created, then implementation of the intervention is necessary. Without evidence, claims are just fantasy. Many things work on paper better than the real world, not because of physics and physiology, but the need to make athletes buy in and have work within the time and expertise we have. I have thousands of hours of video because it’s easy to snag a few clips with an iPhone or leave a tripod out daily. The video is for the athlete and coaches, but often it’s documentation to other people what was done. One of the changes we are doing do a few conferences is making it mandatory that workouts or therapy protocols are actual records, not simulated ideas.
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