Whitewashing an Ivory Tower?


After looking at training programs of 20 sub 10 athletes, the dirty secret is that sprinting specifically helps the most. While plenty of support exercises have helped, they are a small fraction to a successful program. Everything will work, but how much? Does the hip flexor exercise take off .2 from a 100m dash? I am not going to rant on exercises but the analogy of the toolbox is cliche to the point of silliness. Still, every time I see mastery in furniture or woodwork at a gallery or other exhibit when the artist is there, I ask about how they made the item. Very few discussions about tools but about the process.It’s not like craftsmen are making their own tools all the time, more likely they are working on their craft more and doing a better job. My conclusion is that a good sprinting program is about doing a good job and not focused on special periodization schemes and special exercises.
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