Rhythm Running and Bud Winter


I have been watching Yohan Blake develop ever since world youth games, as a point that he didn’t get faster by participating in volleyball and soccer, but by doing organized sport and putting in time. When people talk about Glen Mills and his use of workouts similar to Bud Winter’s program, it shocks people because it’s not a classic short to long program and no freaks exist in the weight room. Mechanically they are not doing anything special in Jamaica. The dirty secret is not horizontal forces from posterior chain exercises, drop jumps to get vertical spikes, or anything besides doing specific running and putting in the reps. Yohan’s foot strike is better because he is putting forces in earlier and the rise time increases. As the body adapts the ability to apply forces increases. I think we will see more work on general running in a Winter like approach in the future since the basics are working.
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