Modulating Foot Forces


Force plate analysis of people running, not tethered on a treadmill with leaning angles people don’t use, best explains what is happening mechanically. Propulsion (horizontal force) is the end goal, but not the starting point in developing forces. While the foot is in motion in the air, the nervous system creates pretension to help create vertical forces. Vertical forces can reduce breaking forces thus helping the switch over to the hip extension. Glutes and Hamstrings also contribute to vertical stiffness and horizontal propulsion. What is needed to go faster is a more rapid rise in the right forces, meaning vertical and horizontal forces. Braking occurs before propulsion and modulating that can be enhanced with vertical forces. By studying what happens in the shortest of timelines (less than a .1) we can learn what priorities are necessary. One may have enough propulsive forces in the weight room but can’t tap into those because of stiffness.
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