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I prefer running on the ground and using force plates for research analysis for many reasons. Running on a treadmill tethered is ok for people trying to deal with the realities of snow, such as Joe Defranco having a Tredsled and trying to get a stimulus going. If you are using it for research you are likely to get some readings that are not going to be very valid. When accelerating the horizontal forces are drastically different than when at max speed because of posture and foot strike. Some proponents of the horizontal debate cling to studies showing a higher correlation of horizontal forces with performance, but after looking at the studies, the same problem that we see with regular sleds being used at top speed, or past 40 meters. Jon Goodwin’s presentation was very elegant with his visuals showing what happens at acceleration and at max speed. I added photo of the Tredsled is a polite reminder to examine the research before we start drawing the wrong conclusions.
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