NFL Dead Pool – Manning’s Neck Watch 3


If you’re still intrigued, the neck injury is shooting pain down Peyton’s throwing arm. I have not, as yet, determined if this injury was exacerbated by the numerous hits Peyton took against the Texans last week. 2010

Why did I focus on Peyton Manning’s neck injury so much when this is a Track and Field website? Well it’s also a sports performance website and that will mean injuries. I believed that the second surgery was because of a few mechanical problems and structure issues, so, I called a strength coach to share my prediction that week as I knew the 6-8 weeks after May would likely fail. They stated that the calcium build-up was not related? Peyton Manning will not have successful rehabilitation for this injury (unless a few things are changed) and will continue to have problems later according to a few sources.
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