Central Pattern Generators- The Body is Smarter than we Think Part 2


I decided to upload a folder of great research so readers could get some interesting developments in motor education. I believe that we coach too much and not challenge enough. What I mean is that interactions should be talk oriented to get people to do things, not tell them what to do all the time. With actions begin so rapid and reflexive, too much cuing wastes time and and can actually harm progress. Early in my career I didn’t know what to do so I coached the way I was coached but the results were not the same. Later as I got educated by watching other coaches in action, I was able to get the best ways to elicit change without too much feedback. It think we need to see in Track and field what things are therapy and training related versus teaching related. The link in this blog shows Richard Quick in action and it’s a joy to see great coaches at work.
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