Work to Rest Ratios- Fuzzy Math of Training


I am finishing up my GPP template for a few athletes and someone outside of track requested an alactic capacity workout for basketball. An inverse relationship exists for those that use ratios and energy systems versus distance and times (velocity and rest intervals) with effectiveness, meaning the training must be clear in set-up and the physiology can be harvested later. I have a love and hate relationship with ratios as some exist that I bet my life on and others are just pretty tables. Some ratios are happenstance and interesting but can’t be used to create improvements. Don’t use work to rest ratios, it’s an outdated training modality and not as practical as sets, reps, distances, rest, and output. Density and duration are also valuable factors that can be easily measured and recorded. I am releasing the dutch tables later as I need to convert them into yards for the US folks but keep the training clear and effective, as training is sometimes complicated and not simple.
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