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I was three when Eric won his gold medals in lake Placid so I can’t comment on his training, but when Dan Jansen won his gold in 1994, I was in High School training and loved the videos of him getting stronger. Dan talked about his plyometrics but they had an emphasis on pausing. A lot of videos I see with cobra belts and other set-ups focus on meathead protocols, like adding resistance for distance and the landing looks like trouble. When you have a band at hip level you will negate gravity, and the key component of the exercise! Squaring the hips and keeping the trunk from collapsing requires the unsupported or free leg not to be behind the body but in front or to the side to prevent torque on the hip. Mini stork positions with the foot close the body is why guys like Barry Sanders dominate. Sometimes vests (hyper-gravity) are good options but focusing on good recovery leg technique is step one.
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